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More and more people don’t carry cash anymore. This site is here to help those who want to flip a coin but don’t have a real coin to hand. Just click the virtual coin above to flip it. Flipping a coin virtually is actually more random than flipping one in real life. It has been proven that a real-life coin toss isn’t always fair. We guarantee that the coin above provides an exact 50/50 chance of landing on heads or tails. Why not flip the coin 1000 times to find out?

There are several ways in which flipping a coin can help you make a decision:

Go with your gut​

flip a coin gut feeling

Flipping a coin can help you access your subconscious feelings, or ‘listen to your gut’. Assign heads to one of your options and tails to the other. Tap on the coin to spin it. Think about your emotions. 

As the coin flips, what are you hoping for? Heads or tails? Were you happy with the outcome? This can tell you a lot about your subconscious feelings towards the two options. How flipping a coin can actually help you make smarter decisions – backed by science

Make a decision, any decision!

Procrastinate much? Decisions are hard. Flipping a coin is easy. Sometimes both options have their merits and it’s just too close to call. Other times there is just no way of knowing the outcome of either option unless you are psychic and can see into the future. In these cases flipping a coin can help you make a decision quickly and move on with your life.

Don't flip out flip a coin!

Flipping a coin can avoid arguments. For example let’s say that you and your girlfriend are going to the cinema, you want to see Tarantino’s latest bloodbath, but your partner wants to see a Jude Law smoochfest. Rather than having a domestic in the car park, why not flip a coin? It could save your relationship.

Let fate guide you

Some people believe that by leaving your decision to pure chance you can tap into the divine machinations of fate. Whether you believe in God, Allah, Budha, leprechauns, or horoscopes, flipping a coin can help you access this mystic guiding hand. For some people flipping a coin can be a way of life, ‘Flipism’ is the philosophy of making all your decisions by the flip of a coin. Let the coin point you in the right direction. Trust in the coin!


flipism coin is god

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