9 Flipping Fun Facts

1. If you flipped a coin 1000 times the probability of getting exactly 500 heads is only about 2.5%


2. If the coin had landed the other way, Portland Would Have Been Called Boston​

boston oregon

3. Wilbur Wright would have been the first man to fly had the cointoss gone the other way

first flight orville brothers

Wilbur won the cointoss to try the first flight but it failed and so his brother Orville took the next flight after repairs. Wilbur can be seen running alongside in this iconic photo of the first successful manned flight. Gutted.

4. Flipping a coin helps you make a ‘gut’ decision


If you are relieved by the outcome of the coin then it is probably the right decision.

How flipping a coin can actually help you make smarter decisions – backed by science

5. ‘Flipism’ is a philosophy of making all your decisions by the flip of a coin

flipism coin is god

6. Those who go with the cointoss decision are happier than those who don’t​

In Steve Levitt’s comprehensive cointoss experiment it was found that those who went with the cointoss decision were happier than those who didn’t.

See the study: https://www.nber.org/papers/w22487.pdf

7. The most common cointoss question is ‘Should I quit my job’

quitting time

A detailed cointoss experiment found that these were the most asked questions:

1. Should I quit my job?
2. Should I splurge?
3. Should I go back to school?
4. Should I go on a diet?
5. Should I break my bad habit?
6. What should I major in?
7. Should I start my own business?
8. Should I get a tattoo?

See the study: https://www.nber.org/papers/w22487.pdf

8. They tossed a coin to decide whether it would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett

9. A coin will land on its edge around 1 in every 6000 throws

This happened on December 8, 2013 during the NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions.