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​The Decide-o-matic​​ helps you decide between two choices. If you have a dilemma and you can’t decide which option to choose you can use the Decide-o-matic app to help you make the right decision.

Input your dilemma into the Decide-o-matic app and it will ask you a series of questions regarding the two options. The Decide-o-matic questions are based upon writer and medical researcher Stephen Lau’s How to make right decisions​​ and are designed to help you think about the ‘pros and cons’ of your options .

The Decide-o-matic helps you make a decision based on your current knowledge, predictions and ‘gut feeling’.

For big decisions it might be worth finding out more information before coming to a decision. Try talking to someone about your dilemma or post your dilemma on the Flip a Coin forum.